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Diu Resorts - Tourism portal about hotels and resorts in Diu - a tourism portal provides you detailed information of hotels, restaurants and resorts available in Diu. A beautiful blend of Sun, sand and sea, is a God's gift to those in quest of a blessed turf where the wary weight of the unintelligible world can, for a while, be lightened and the waking soul can hear the music of the spheres. It is an island retreat gently rocked by the wind and the wave from the Arabian Sea. It offers you undisturbed peace and an unusual holiday.
The major tourist attractions in Diu are the Diu Fort, St. Paul's Church, Jallandhar Shrine, Gangeshwar Temple, Diu Museum and Nagoa Beach. Diu Fort is an expansive and imposing structure, situated on the coast of the island. It was constructed between 1535 and 1541 AD and offers a magnificent view of the sea. St. Paul's Church is dedicated to our Lady of Immaculate Conception. This church was built during the 17th century and adorned with curiously treated volutes and shell-like motifs. Diu museum houses wooden carvings, statues, idols, shadow clocks and other important artifacts collected from various sites. Nagoda beach stretches about 2 km from one end to the other and is very beautiful and quiet and is in the shape of a horse shoe.

There are many Resorts available in Diu. Some are located exactly on sea shore and know as Diu Beach Resorts. Resorts in Diu are well furnished with all modern facilities and they could be availed by aspiring vacationers according to their comfort and convenience. Diu Resorts is the portal that best accommodation options to find resort in Diu.

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